Crestview Student Wins Third Place in CODE COMBAT Competition

Celebrating a Young Coding Prodigy

Crestview International School is delighted to announce that Grade 1 student, Jinntapat Chaipipakorn, has won third place in the CODE COMBAT competition for 5-12-year-olds held in Bangkok. Jinn’s exceptional performance demonstrates his outstanding skills and dedication in the field of coding and programming.

Journey to Victory

Jinn began his journey by taking class CS1 and successfully completing all tasks. He then competed in a random task of CS1 using Python, where speed and accuracy were crucial for success. Jinn’s impressive performance in the competition showcased his talent, hard work, and passion for coding.

Fostering a Love for Coding and Programming

Crestview International School is thrilled to see its students excelling in the field of coding and programming and takes great pride in being a part of their journey. The school also extends its heartfelt congratulations to Jinn’s parents for supporting him in his interest in coding, recognizing the vital role they play in his achievements. Crestview International School encourages Jinn and his family to keep up the fantastic work and looks forward to celebrating more accomplishments in the future.

Crestview International School is excited to announce our esteemed guest speakers for the 3rd Moving Up Ceremony and the 2nd Commencement Exercises scheduled on June 30, 2023, at the SF Cinema 5 Robinson Lifestyle Center Lopburi.
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In an exciting development, the Principal of our esteemed institution, Mr. Rehel Jemera Sausa, met with the Marketing/PR Head of Saint John Mary International School (SJMIS), Ms. Subhanan Sitabutr, on June 27-28. The meeting was held with a view to discuss prospective collaborations between the two prestigious educational entities.
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Seven students from Crestview International School have been awarded Merit Awards in the prestigious Kangaroo Math Competition. The students competed with their peers from renowned schools such as Denla British School, Chulalongkorn University Demonstration School, Harrow International School, Australian International School, and Singapore International School Bangkok.
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As part of the ongoing Amazing Summer Festival, students from a local school in Lopburi had a thrilling half-day field trip to Baandimodang in Khok Toom. Along with their teachers and parents, the students had the opportunity to participate in a range of traditional craft activities, including pottery, soap-making, and painting clay figures.
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ทางโรงเรียนขอแจ้งให้ท่านผู้ปกครองทราบว่า ในวันที่ 24-25 เมษายน 2566 ทางโรงเรียนจะมีการถ่ายภาพประจำปี ณ ห้องซอฟท์ยิม (Soft Gym) ของโรงเรียน โดยบริษัท Usmile Dee หรือเดิมชื่อ Usmile Kids ซึ่งเป็นบริษัทถ่ายภาพที่ให้บริการแก่โรงเรียนกว่า 100 แห่งทั่วประเทศไทย
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Mark your calendars for April 24-25, 2023, as we are excited to announce that our annual school photo taking session will take place in the Soft Gym. Usmile Dee, formerly known as Usmile Kids, a renowned photo company that caters to over 100 schools across Thailand, will be handling the photoshoots.
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Crestview International School is excited to announce its Third Moving Up and Awarding Ceremony, along with its 2nd Kindergarten Graduation, taking place on June 30, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 NN at Cinema 5 of SFC Cinema in Robinson Lifestyle Center Lopburi. This special event will showcase amazing performances and shows from our talented...
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Crestview International School is excited to announce the launch of its "Little Entrepreneurs: Building Dreams and Skills" Summer Bridge Program. This unique and educational summer experience is designed for children aged 3-7 years old and will run from July 3 to 27, 2023. The four-week program focuses on entrepreneurship, career, finance, and personal development through...
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