I AM CRESTVIEW: Unveiling the Core Values that Shape Our Students' Holistic Growth

Core Values

A Journey Through the 12 Pillars of Our Holistic Educational Approach

Crestview's Ethos

At Crestview International School, we are committed to cultivating an atmosphere that promotes the holistic growth of our students. Our educational approach is centered on the fundamental principles that guide our students, educators, and community as they pursue excellence, personal development, and conscientious global citizenship. These principles, embodied by the acronym “I AM CRESTVIEW,” serve as a compass for our students as they navigate their academic journey and prepare to leave a lasting legacy in the world. Each month, one of the 12 values is emphasized, woven into our lessons and activities as the VIRTUE OF THE MONTH. These values are introduced to students through assemblies and homeroom sessions. They not only capture the spirit of our school culture but also motivate our students to unlock their potential, prioritize well-being, and foster empathetic leadership. We invite you to be part of Crestview International School, where our collective values mold the trailblazers of the future.



Integrity: Cultivating strong character, ethics, and personal responsibility in all aspects of students’ lives.


Adaptability: Encouraging students to embrace change, develop resilience, and navigate diverse social and professional environments.


Mindfulness: Promoting emotional, mental, and physical well-being, fostering a balanced lifestyle and self-awareness.


Creativity: Nurturing students’ creative abilities and encouraging them to innovate and think outside the box.


 Respect: Fostering an inclusive environment that values diversity, encourages open-mindedness, and promotes respect for all cultures and perspectives.


Excellence: Inspiring students to strive for excellence in all their academic, extracurricular, and personal endeavors.


Sustainability: Promoting environmental awareness and responsible actions, encouraging students to contribute to a healthier world.


Teamwork: Cultivating effective communication and collaboration skills, preparing students for success in diverse social and professional settings.


Visionary: Encouraging students to think critically, embrace a global mindset, and recognize the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges.


 Inclusivity: Creating a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity and fosters unity among students, teachers, and parents.


Empathy: Nurturing a culture of empathy, compassion, and understanding, guiding students to become compassionate leaders.


Wellness: Emphasizing the importance of physical, emotional, and mental well-being, supporting students in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.