Learning Support

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

At Crestview International School, we recognize the diverse learning needs of our students and are proud to offer our Individualized Education Plan (IEP) as a comprehensive Learning Support Program. The IEP program aims to provide additional assistance to students through various approaches, ensuring they receive the support they need to succeed academically and personally.

Students may be enrolled in the IEP program through three primary methods:

  1. The assessor recommends the student for the IEP Program after an admission assessment. The student will be enrolled at Crestview, provided the parents agree to participate in the IEP Program.
  2. The Lead Teacher, after several intervention attempts, recommends the student for the IEP Program. The child will be reassessed by the IEP coordinator, and a meeting will be held with the parents to obtain consent.
  3. The parents request additional learning support or behavior intervention. The IEP Coordinator will conduct an assessment, and conferences will be held with the parents to discuss the appropriate course of action.

Short-term Interventions (FREE)

These interventions are recommended by teachers and staff based on a thorough analysis and discussion of the student’s needs. Offered at no cost, short-term interventions are implemented after informing the parents, except in cases requiring immediate attention to prevent classroom disruption or harm to other students.

  1. Behavior Intervention: In this approach, the child is temporarily removed from certain classes and provided with activities designed to enhance self-control.
  2. Home Behavior Intervention: Upon parental request, this program involves both the IEP teacher and parents collaborating on a plan to improve the child’s behavior at home.
(Charged with Fees)

Longer than one-month Interventions

 These specialized support programs are offered on a case-to-case basis and involve additional fees.

  1. English Language Extra Support: To further develop English skills (comprehension, speaking, listening, reading, and writing), additional support is provided to students who need it, given that 95% of our classes are in English.
  2. Learning Support: This program caters to students requiring extra assistance to augment their understanding of class material.
  3. Special Needs Support: Crestview accepts students with doctor-diagnosed special needs on a case-to-case basis. The parents must agree to specific terms, including allowing the IEP teacher to coordinate with the child’s doctor on IEP activities. Limited slots are available for cases such as mild autism, speech delay, and learning disabilities.

Crestview International School is committed to supporting each student’s unique learning journey by providing tailored educational experiences through our IEP program.