Society of Houses

Society of Houses

Welcome to the Society of Houses at Crestview International School, a unique program designed to enhance the overall development and well-being of our students. The Society of Houses promotes a sense of belonging, fosters teamwork and collaboration, and instills a healthy competitive spirit among students. By organizing various inter-house activities and competitions, we aim to create a supportive, inclusive, and thriving school community.


The Society of Houses divides the student body at Crestview International School into distinct groups, each representing a specific house. The program is designed to provide a smaller, more intimate community within the larger school environment. This enables students to forge strong bonds with their peers and develop a sense of loyalty and pride towards their house. The Society of Houses facilitates collaboration, personal growth, and the development of essential life skills, preparing students for a bright future both within and beyond the school.



The Society of Houses offers numerous benefits for children, including fostering a sense of belonging, encouraging teamwork and collaboration, promoting healthy competition, developing leadership skills, enhancing social skills, and promoting personal development. By participating in various house activities, students can develop essential life skills, such as perseverance, adaptability, and resilience. The program also supports positive behavior through merit and demerit systems and strengthens cross-age interactions by bringing together students of different age groups within each house.

House of Mountainhearts

Discover the indomitable spirit of the agile ibex in the House of Mountainhearts, a house defined by strength, perseverance, and unity. As a Mountainheart, you’ll form strong bonds and conquer the peaks of both physical and intellectual pursuits, embodying the unwavering spirit of these resilient creatures.

Radiating warmth and energy, the colors orange, yellow, and white exemplify the House of Mountainhearts. Orange signifies their determination, courage, and adventurous spirit, while yellow highlights their loyalty and camaraderie. White symbolizes their pure strength and unyielding resolve to overcome any challenge.

House of Earthshakers 

Embrace the wisdom and serenity of the mighty elephant in the House of Earthshakers, where wisdom, patience, and a deep bond with nature define your path. As an Earthshaker, your diplomatic prowess, intelligence, and grace will guide you through the complex tapestry of life.

The colors green, brown, and gray perfectly encapsulate the essence of the House of Earthshakers. Green represents their connection to nature, growth, and harmony, while brown signifies balance, stability, and reliability. Gray showcases their composure and patience during adversity.

House of Stormchasers

Soar high with the majestic eagle in the House of Stormchasers, where freedom, vision, and mastery of the skies are your guiding stars. As a Stormchaser, you’ll harness your insight, strategic thinking, and elemental power to rise above the ordinary and achieve greatness.

Clad in the resplendent colors of blue, maroon, and black, Stormchasers celebrate their affinity for the skies, adaptability, and elemental intensity. Blue symbolizes their clarity, vision, and tranquility, while maroon emphasizes their resourcefulness. Black showcases their mastery of the skies and ability to weather any storm.


House of Thunderhooves 

Unleash your inner strength with the spirited horse in the House of Thunderhooves, where speed, agility, and adaptability set you on a thrilling adventure. As a Thunderhoof, your courage, resourcefulness, and unwavering support for your allies will lead you to victory in all your endeavors.

The royal colors of purple, pink, and cream capture the spirit of the House of Thunderhooves. Purple embodies their nobility, adaptability, and resourcefulness, while pink showcases the warmth and compassion that binds them to their allies. Cream signifies the balance and grace they display when facing challenges and forging connections.