Crestview International School Celebrates its 3rd Founding Anniversary in Grandeur

Happy 3rd Birthday Crestview

Crestview International School Celebrates its 3rd Founding Anniversary in Grandeur

In a splendid celebration earlier today, Crestview International School marked its third year since its foundation. This significant milestone was graced by none other than the founders of the school, adding an extra layer of sentiment to the occasion.

The event was not just a reflection of the school’s growth over the years but also an acknowledgment of its dedicated students. Thirteen special student pioneers, who have been with the institution since its inception in 2020, were honored with elegant sashes, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to the school.

Adding to the festive spirit, attendees joined in a harmonious rendition of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, followed by the cutting of a beautifully decorated cake dedicated to the institution.

One of the most touching segments of the day was the introduction of a memorabilia canvas. Participants had the opportunity to imprint their handprints on this canvas, a symbolic gesture commemorating their lasting impact on the school’s history.

As Crestview International School embarks on another year of educational excellence, today’s celebration stands as a testament to its dedication to nurturing its students and its rich legacy in the world of academia.

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