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Frequently asked questions.

What curriculum does Crestview International School offer?

Crestview proudly utilizes the innovative DISCOVER Framework for both our Preschool and Elementary Divisions. Our Preschool features the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), a globally recognized program that delivers a comprehensive, thematic, and skill-based approach to early childhood education. The IPC exceeds the standards of major education systems worldwide, making it the premier international ECE curriculum. Our Elementary Division adheres to the American Common Core State Standards, ensuring a solid foundation for your child’s future. Learn more here:

Discover IPC here: and the US Common Core here:

What age can my child begin at Crestview? What levels are offered?

Crestview welcomes students as young as 2 years old for our Toddler Play Group, progressing through Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4, Grade K, and Elementary Grades 1-5. Discover the full range of our programs here:

What is the student-to-teacher ratio at Crestview?

We adhere to the Ministry of Education’s guidelines, allowing a maximum of 20 students per Preschool class and 25 for Elementary. At present, our largest Preschool class has 16 students, while our largest Elementary class has 8 students. We maintain a Thai Teaching Fellow for every 10 students, along with a Foreign Lead Teacher, ensuring personalized attention for every child. Your child will also benefit from interactions with at least 6 other teachers weekly for various classes and activities.

What team of educators will inspire my child at Crestview? Where are they from?

Crestview International School proudly maintains a non-discrimination policy, welcoming talented teachers from various nationalities, including Syria, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and the Philippines. Each of our educators is trained in the Crestview Way and is highly qualified to guide your child’s learning journey.

How much are the tuition fees at Crestview?

For a comprehensive breakdown of our fees and policies, please visit:

Will limited English usage at home affect my child's progress in an international school?

Early Childhood Education research indicates that this factor has minimal impact on language acquisition. In fact, a strong foundation in a child’s mother tongue can facilitate learning a second language. However, reinforcing English at home may expedite the learning process.

What is the academic calendar at Crestview?

Our academic year consists of two semesters and two quarters per semester. Semester 1 runs from August to December, and Semester 2 spans January to June. We also offer a Summer Bridge program in July.Discover our summer programs here: and view our school calendar here:

What are the school hours at Crestview?

Preschool operates from 8:00AM to 2:40PM, while Elementary runs from 7:50AM to 3:30PM. After School programs extend beyond academic instruction hours for an additional hour each day. Learn more about our After School program here:

Meanwhile Office Hours are from 8:00AM to 4:00PM

What educational pathways are available for my child after attending Crestview International School?

Your child will be well-prepared to enter any English Program (EP) or International Program at other schools. While we provide the minimum required instruction in Thai Language, Culture, and History, additional classes may be necessary for optimal preparation for a Thai Program. Although, MOE regulations dictate that your child will not be denied admission into any school using Thai Program.

Can I access the school's CCTV?

Crestview International School upholds a strict Child Safeguarding Policy, including online protection. As a result, we do not permit direct access to CCTV footage, as this could infringe on the privacy rights of other students. However, our administration team actively monitors the CCTV system to ensure your child’s safety. Should specific footage be required for important purposes, the school may be willing to share relevant clips upon request.

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