Summer Program

Introducing Crestview International School's

Summer Festival and Summer Bridge Programs

Crestview International School proudly presents an array of enriching Summer Programs designed to cater to the diverse needs of both Crestview and non-Crestview students. These programs aim to enhance English language skills, foster academic excellence, and promote personal development through a variety of exciting activities and workshops.

Summer Festival 1: This program is tailored for non-Crestview students on a month-long holiday in October after their First Semester. Catering to students from government and private schools following the Thailand Government curriculum, this program focuses on improving English skills for those with limited exposure to English in their current curriculum.

Summer Festival 2: Similar to Summer Festival 1, this program targets non-Crestview students on summer holiday from April to May after their Second Semester. Students from government and private schools following the Thailand Government curriculum can take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their English language proficiency.

Summer Bridge: Exclusively designed for current and incoming Crestview students, this four-week program takes place during the June and July summer break. It offers a unique blend of entrepreneurship, career, finance, and personal development workshops, including cover dance, fine dining etiquette, self-publishing, pottery, organic gardening, baking muffins and cookies, pizza making, cookery with a chef, candle making, and more. In addition to these captivating activities, Thematic Classes in Math, Science, and English are provided to foster academic excellence and prepare participants for future success.

Our Summer Programs are designed to encourage teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills, providing a robust foundation for a successful future. Don’t miss out on these fantastic opportunities to make your summer break both enjoyable and productive!