The School Logo and It's Meaning

The School Flag

The Proper Use of School Logo


Excerpt from the Policy Handbook Page 17

1743 Proper Usage of Logo

1743.1 The logo must be reproduced from high resolution digital artwork at 300dpi or higher.

1743.2 As a primary identity of the school, the logo must appear on all communications including brochures, stationery, business cards, social media accounts, and websites.

1743.3  The logo may not be altered in any way. This restriction includes but not limited to, type, vertical line, outlines, and embellishments.

1743.4 The logo may not be cut or cropped in any way.


1744 Improper Usage of Logo

1744.1 Do not distort the logo

1744.2 Do not recreate the font or substitute with another font.

1744.3 Do not change the proportions of the logo.

1744.4 Do not change any colors of the logo