The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Program

Crestview International School offers the following IEP Classes:

  1. Learning Support. For students who need extra support to augment their understanding of the lessons.
  2. Behavior Intervention. The child is usually pulled-out from certain classes. The child is given activities that will help enhance self-control.
  3. English Language Extra Support. While 95% of our classes are in English, some children needs extra support in enhancing their English skills (comprehension, speaking, listening, reading and writing).
  4. Home Behavior Intervention. Some parents request this program where both the IEP teacher and the parents work on plan to help improve the child’s behavior at home.
  5. Special Needs Support. Crestview accepts students with special needs which are diagnosed by a doctor. Students are accepted on a case-to-case basis. The parents must agree on certain terms especially on the matter where the IEP teacher shall coordinate with the child’s doctor on the IEP activities. The following cases are accepted at Crestview but slots are very limited: mild autism, speech delay, and learning disability.

Our Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is designed as a Learning Support Program for our students.

There are three (3) ways how students are enrolled in the IEP Program:

  1. The assessor recommends the student into the IEP Program after admission assessment. The student will be enrolled at Crestview provided that the parents agree that the student has to be in the IEP Program.
  2. The Lead Teacher after several Intervention attempts to help the child cope with the rest of class and decides to recommend the child to be admitted into the IEP Program. The child will be re-assessed by the IEP coordinator. Parents will called for a meeting for consent.
  3. The parents of the child requests addition learning support of behavior intervention. The IEP Coordinator shall make an assessment and conferences will be held with the parents.